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Date Company / Location Position / description


ProQr, Leiden [NL] Advice on refurbishing BL-2 labs in existing building
2013 Exposition of GMO magnetic bacteria,
Naturalis, Leiden [NL]
Obtaining Environmetal Permit;
biosaftey officer
2012-2014 Exposition of GMO materials: "Errorarium"
GEM, den HAAG,[NL]
Obtaining Environmetal Permit;
biosaftey officer
>2011-2012 HAL Allergy,
Leiden [NL]
Advice on construction of BSL2 & GMP facility.
2011 Batavia Bioservices
Leiden [NL]
Biosafety advice on contained labwork.


Photanol, Amsterdam [NL] Consultancy on enlargement & construction for a contained solar light conversion reactor.

Leiden NL]

Advice on safety precautions for virus containment
2008-2009 CVI, Lelystad [NL] Consultancy for design and operation of a novel BSL-3 laboratory.
2005 AMT, Amsterdam [NL] Audit & Advice for waste disposal during scale-up to production level.
2005-2006 Philips, Eindhoven [NL] Consultancy for construction and operation of a mixed laboratory; up to level BSL-3.
2004-2007 Bradford Instruments,
Heerle [NL]
Validation of an ozone sterilizer foir dentists equipmenr
2004 LUMC, Leiden [NL] Consultancy for design of a killtank- system for an BSL-3 laboratory with animal facilities.
2003-2004 SSI, Copenhagen [DK] Consultancy for Building disinfection.
2002-2004 NVI & RIVM, bilthoven [NL] Advise for builiding, and operation for a pilotplant for vaccine production under GMP & BSL-3 restriction.